If the weather's bad, or you're just not into camping in the park with the kiddies, check out this property in nearby Saint-Quentin. Its name roughly translates as "Dream-Escape Inn," though that might be a bit generous. Inside, it's made up of simply furnished business-hotel-type rooms of the Courtyard This or Homewood That ilk, but with small flourishes of design on various themes (nature, golf, and so forth). The unpretentiousness is actually refreshing, and kids enjoy the indoor swimming pool. Rooms have TVs, DVD players, and high-speed Internet access; some have extras like settees, mini-fridges, armoires, and the like. There's also a dining area, a lounge, and a nice high-ceilinged common area that feels like a lodge. There are a few single rooms here, and a few specially equipped for special-abled travelers, as well.