Set between an open bay and a mill pond, the Pilgrim's is a historic, handsomely renovated inn with a few adjacent cottages. The home was built in 1793 by Ignatius Haskell, a prosperous sawmill owner; his granddaughter later opened the home to boarders, and it has housed summer guests ever since. The interior is tastefully decorated in a style that's informed by early Americana: Think exposed wooden floors, woody canopy beds, flowery bed prints, and rugs and quilts galore. The rooms are also appointed in antiques and painted in muted Colonial colors. (Especially intriguing are the units on the top floor, which show off the home's impressive diagonal beams.) Other accents include private staircases, antique tubs, woodstoves, and fireplaces. Breakfasts here are big and fancy: goat-cheese pancakes, eggs Benedict, smoked salmon, and the like. Three nearby cottages are also rented by the inn (and two of them stay open year-round, unlike the main inn), and allow pets inside. The inn maintains a tavern-style dining room with several intriguing spaces; expect typical American resort fare like steaks, fish, lobsters, and rack of lamb.