Kings Landing, on the bank of the Saint John River, is about 32km (20 miles)—and 150 years—away from Fredericton. The huge (121-hectare/300-acre) authentic re-creation brings to life the New Brunswick from the years 1790 to 1910: It consists of about 20 historic homes and buildings. The aroma of baking bread mixes with the smells of horses and livestock (make what you will of that), and the blacksmith's hammer clashes with church bells while costumed "settlers" chat about their lives. The best buildings—nearly all built by Loyalists relocated from New England—include Hagerman House (furniture by cabinetmaker John Warren Moore), Ingraham House (regional furniture and a formal English garden), and Morehouse House (an interesting kitchen and a clock Benedict Arnold left behind). The C. B. Boss Sash and Door Factory is a simulated turn-of-the-20th-century manufacturing plant. There's also an ox barn, a farmhouse, several churches, and a scenic little cove to enjoy.

Afterward, hitch a ride on the sloven wagon—a low-slung work wagon distinctive to the Maritimes (it was invented in Saint John)—or lunch at the King's Head Inn, which served travelers along the Saint John River more than a century ago and offers grub and grog such as ale, chicken pie, and corn chowder.