This is believed to be the only "gallery" in the world of outdoor murals painted on the walls of a residential estate. Zaspa is a sprawling 1970s housing project constructed on a disused airfield, and it was the former home of Lech Waesa. The grey, Communist-era tower blocks got a splash of colors in 1997 when the first mural was commissioned for Gdansk's millennium celebration. Zaspa now has more than 40 works, each measuring 15 or 30m (49 or 98 ft.) in height, scattered all over the estate. Painted by local and foreign artists, all the murals have historically relevant themes, such a pixel portrait of Lech Waesa and a Bollywood-like movie poster of Pope John Paul II and Waesa. At present, there are no maps marking the sites of the murals. Most of them are along Pilotów and Dywizjonu 303 streets. Szymon Wróblewski, the Polish-speaking curator, has an office in Plama, an artists' workshop in Zaspa. He'll show you around if he has time.