Houmas is actually two houses joined together. The original house was a four-room structure built in 1775. In 1828 a larger, Greek Revival-style house was built next to it, and subsequently a roof was put over both. A former sugar plantation, little is known about most of its owners, until the late Dr. George Crozat of New Orleans purchased and restored it as a home. Recent owner Kevin Kelly now lives there, and the place feels like an active home.

Live oaks, magnolias, and beautifully landscaped formal gardens frame Houmas House. The inside has been lovingly brought back to early 1800s detail, including period-accurate paint, 19th-century paintings, and antique rugs. Costumed guides deliver stories from the house's busy past. Because scenes from All My Children were shot here, be sure to ask for those Susan Lucci stories (they've got 'em). A casual cafe and an excellent upscale restaurant are also on the grounds.