Kraków is the cultural hub of southern Poland and, as such, supports an active program of live theater, dance, classical music, and opera. The Cultural Information Center (Sw. Jana 2; tel. 12/421-77-87) is the first stop to find out what's on and to s...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Name Category
Alchemia Bars & Pubs
ARS Cinema Films
Awaria Dance Clubs
Bagatela Theater Performing Arts Venue
C.K. Browar Bars & Pubs
Cień Dance Clubs
Cinema City Films
Cudowne Lata Bars & Pubs
Drukarnia Bars & Pubs
Dym Bars & Pubs
Forty Kleparz Nightlife
Frantic Dance Clubs
Groteska Theater Performing Arts Venue
Harris Piano Jazz Bar Bars & Pubs
Juliusz Sƚowacki Theater Performing Arts Venue
Kawiarnia Naukowa Nightlife
Kijów Films
Klub Cocon Gay & Lesbian Bars
Klub Ministerstwo Dance Clubs
Krakow Chamber Opera Performing Arts Venue
Krakow Opera Performing Arts Venue
Krakow Philharmonic Performing Arts Venue
Królicze Oczy Bars & Pubs
Kurant Music
Les Couleurs Bars & Pubs
Miejsce Bars & Pubs
Mile Stone Jazz Club The Club & Music Scene
Mleczarnia Bars & Pubs
Moment Bars & Pubs
Multikino Films
Music Corner Music
Off Kijów Klub Dance Clubs
Orange IMAX Kraków Films
Piec Art The Club & Music Scene
Piękny Pies Dance Clubs
Pod Baranami Films
Propaganda Bars & Pubs
Rdza Dance Clubs
Rotunda Nightlife
Singer Bars & Pubs
Stalowe Magnolie/Piano Rouge Nightlife
Stary Theater Performing Arts Venue