Axel Munthe (1857-1949) was a famous Swedish doctor who is remembered mainly today for his autobiography, The Story of San Michele, published in 1929. In the book, Munthe depicted many colorful people he'd met, among them Guy de Maupassant and Louis Pasteur. Munthe is mainly associated with Capri, where he lived on and off for half a century. With monies earned as the special physician to the royal family, including the Swedish Queen Victoria, Munthe also built this country estate on Lake Siljan. At a beautiful site near Leksand Church, it became a summer home for him and his English wife, Hilda, whom he'd married in 1907. The house is built in stone and flanked by two identical wings. Inside you'll find Munthes's art and furniture, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. As you walk through its 14 rooms, you'll be left with the feeling that the Munthes have only temporarily departed and are due back at any time. Mrs. Munthe laid out the gardens ★★, and they remain today much as she designed, especially the beautiful Peacock Garden (or Yellow Garden) with its peacock sculptures. On-site is a cafe serving coffee and Swedish pastries.