About 1km (a half mile) away from the Anglican cathedral stands the Roman Catholic cathedral -- the two are joined by a road called Hope Street. The construction of the cathedral, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, was started in 1930, but when World War II interrupted in 1939, not even the granite-and-brick vaulting of the crypt was complete. At the end of the war it was estimated that the cost of completing the structure as Lutyens designed it would be some £27 million. Architects throughout the world were invited to compete to design a more realistic project to cost about £1 million and to be completed in 5 years. Sir Frederick Gibberd won the competition and was commissioned to oversee the construction of the circular cathedral. Construction was completed in 1967. Today the cathedral offers seating for more than 2,000. Above the altar rises a multicolored glass lantern weighing 2,000 tons and rising to a height of 87m (290 ft.). Called a space-age cathedral, it has a bookshop, a tearoom, and tour guides.