Ona means "all things good" in the French Basque dialect, and that's certainly the treatment you'll receive in the hands -- or feet of Ona's Daniel Krasofski (one of his signature treatments, the $175 Ona Pada, utilizes the therapist's feet for maximum, stress-relieving pressure), one of the top massage therapists around. This small, full-service day spa specializes in custom treatments using both ancient and traditional techniques, particularly Ayurveda. The massages here run the gamut, from $50 to $95 for a tension-relieving Ona Quick Fix (30- to 50-min. in length) to the $220 Onaaah, a choreographed four-handed tandem Balinese massage. Body and facial enhancements such as laser hair removal, Botox, filler, and chemical peels are also available, as is acupuncture therapy. One of the newest services is the signature Babar Platinum Facial (75 min. for $175), an anti-aging service incorporating cleaning, peeling, masks, facial massage, collagen boosts, rich creams and a dash of pure platinum powder. On the bottom floor of the same building is the Privé Salon, one of the city's trendiest salons, where celebrity-sighting is common.