The ornamental gardens and fountains here, and the 18th-century château they surround, together make a splendid display that should top every regional sightseeing list. Annevoie, 28km (17 miles) south of Namur, is sometimes dubbed the "Belgian Versailles," and though these gardens indeed share similarities with their French cousins, and are also reminiscent of Italian and English gardens, they possess unique qualities. The fountains, waterfalls, lagoons, and canals are all engineered without the use of any artificial power. No throbbing pump or other machinery intrudes on their tranquillity and beauty. The grounds were laid out in the mid-1700s by a member of the de Montpellier family and have been tended and added to by successive generations. The present owner, Jean de Montpellier, lives here with his family. Inside the château are fine architectural details in the woodwork, stuccos, fireplaces, and family chapel. In addition to a gift store, there's a full-service restaurant and a rustic cafe decorated with ancient farming implements.