This hotel restaurant provides what's generally considered the finest and perhaps most interesting dining on the island. You sit by candlelight on the verandas of a grand old West Indian mansion, overlooking floodlit gardens, the lights of Charlestown, and the ocean. We consider it more than just a dining experience, as it incorporates aesthetics and a vivid sense of Nevis's late-18th- and early-19th-century cultural and mercantile importance as well. Lobster and fish are served the day the catch comes in, and the foreign and Nevisian chefs conspire to produce delectable tropical dishes. On a recent visit, the best menu items started with a crispy seafood cake, followed by five-spice duck with a honey flavor and a vegetable-filled mandarin pancake. Other members of our party enjoyed the seared filet of mahimahi with sauce vert and garlic-cream potatoes. Cape Brandy pudding with Chantilly cream was everybody's favorite dessert. There's limited seating for dinner, so try to show up on time. An excellent and well-balanced wine list is available. An additional dining choice with approximately the same menu is the Sugar Mill, which is open only on a somewhat haphazard schedule and only during certain nights a week. Torches line your pathway as you head up to the elegantly decorated mill, with its mahogany antiques and crystal sconces.