The fort played a central role in the War of 1812: It was headquarters for the British Army's Centre Division. The division comprised British regulars, local militia, Runchey's corps of former slaves, and aboriginal forces. The fort was destroyed by American artillery fire in May 1813. After the war, it was partially rebuilt, but it was abandoned in 1828 and not reconstructed until the 1930s. You can view the guardroom (with its hard plank beds), the officers' quarters, the enlisted men's quarters, and the sentry posts. The self-guided tour includes interpretive films. The fort is one of Ontario's favorite "haunted" sites (ghost-hunting tours are available throughout the summer and in October).

Ooh, Scary -- For those who believe in ghosts, Fort George is one of Ontario's favorite "haunted" sites. Reported "sightings" include a soldier patrolling its perimeter and a young damsel who appears in an 18th-century mirror. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, the Ghost Tours are fun for the family. They run evenings from May through September, with bonus dates around Halloween. The cost is C$12 adults and children 12 and up, and C$5 children 11 and under. Contact the Friends of Fort George at tel. 905/468-6621, or visit for a schedule and for more details.