Pack something really flattering to wear, because this place looks like it was ripped from the pages of Town & Country magazine—and it would be a pity to spoil the illusion. An 1897 manor house built by jade merchants, some rooms overlook the award winning Kingsbrae Garden (see above), others the sea beyond. Not that you’ll need to stare out the windows for eye-candy: it will be all around you, from the perfectly-chosen framed prints, to the handsomely patterned arm chairs, to the gas fireplaces framed by historic mantelpieces. Even the bathrooms feel regal, thanks to their marble accents. And all of this swank isn’t just for adults: a slightly more down-to-earth family wing is on two floors and accommodates up to ten. Children and pets are welcome here and with limits in other rooms, kids 12 and older throughout. In the communal dining room, the chef focuses on specialties from the kitchen garden and nearby sea for an oft-changed a five-course dinner, available only for guests.