This three-story clapboard captain's house dates from 1835 and sits on 4 tree-filled hectares (10 acres) at the edge of the bay. First-floor common rooms are decorated in a Victorian manner, with Persian and braided carpets and mahogany furniture; watch the water from a nautical-feeling sun room that has big windows. The guest rooms are a mixed bag, furnished with a mixture of antique and modern furniture. Some units are bright and filled with salty air (room no. 1 is biggest and most expensive, with waterfront views on two sides and attractive antiques such as a cane chair and an iron-frame bed). Others are simpler, dark, or tucked beneath stairs. The four third-floor rooms share two bathrooms—the innkeepers can assign one of the bathrooms privately to room nos. 7 or 8 for an extra charge—but they also have excellent views.