On Bailey's Key, which is part of Anthony's Key Resort, the famous Bottlenose Dolphin encounter program offers visitors the rare chance to interact with these wonderful creatures. Open-water dives, snorkel programs, and beach encounters are the most common option, and allow for physical interaction with dolphins. More involved are the training programs where you can work with the training staff at the Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences in 1- or 2-day sessions. There's also a dolphin show every day except Wednesday at 4pm.

Kids can get in on the dolphin action, too: Every summer Anthony's Key Resort and the Institute of Marine Sciences offer Dolphin Scuba camps ($850/£425 per camper) where children can learn about dolphins and even swim and interact with them. They get to practice their scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as learn about the ecosystem and cultures of Roatán. Think of it as an exotic summer camp.