Located northeast of Yonsei University on Ahnsan, Bongwonsa is the head temple of the Korean Taego Order. Originally founded in 889 by the monk Doseon, it was moved to its current location in 1749. The original main hall was one of the most elaborate wooden sanctums of the Joseon Dynasty and it was built without any nails. However, it and other parts of the temple were destroyed during the Korean War. The main hall was rebuilt in 1966, but later moved to another part of the city. While the new hall of 3,000 Buddhas was being built in 1991, the main hall was destroyed in a fire (it was rebuilt in 1994). Although the temple buildings aren't as impressive as some other temples in remote locations, the 16 Arhat statues and the judgment hall, which features murals of the judges of the underworld, are worth a gander.