Just a short bus ride out of town is the 135-sq.-km (52-sq.-mile), man-made Lago Suchitlán, from where you can take a cooling, scenic boat ride to La Isla de los Pájaros (Island of the Birds) and listen to the calls of thousands of migrating birds. Lago Suchitlán was created in 1973 when the government dammed Río Lempa to produce electrical power, and it now serves as a fishing hole for local communities and a stop-off for migrating birds. Surrounding the lake are the Puerto San Juan tourist center, a large open-air restaurant, and stands for craft vendors.

Covered tourist boats are just to the left of the tourist center and offer 45-minute to 1-hour $25 lake tours including stops at La Isla de los Pájaros. Also available are $12, 30-minute tours that don't include a stop at the island. As of this writing, a local operator was setting up an "Aqua Canopy" with plans to zip thrill seekers out over the water to an island and back. Ask at the tourist center for more information.