32km (20 miles) NW of Killarney

Forget the visions of bucolic splendor conjured up by its singsong name; with a population of 22,000, Tralee is three times the size of Killarney, and it feels like it. This is more a workaday town than a tourist center, and there's not much here for visitors to do. In fact, it can feel a bit rough at times -- especially on weekend nights, when the town's many bars are packed, and walking the streets can feel a bit of a health hazard. However, it has quite a few good hotels, and it makes a handy base for exploring Kerry. Locals tend to outnumber visitors here most of the year, except during the Rose of Tralee festival in August. The town is the permanent home of the National Folk Theatre of Ireland, Siamsa Tire, which operates year-round, but is most active during July and August.