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Forums » Alaska » A Young Person's AK Cruise??


A Young Person's AK Cruise??

by johnturner »


My wife and I are in our late 20s and want to take a cruise to Alaska! I've never wanted to take a cruise before because I always thought they'd be stodgy- I love picking out cute bed-and-breakfasts when I travel, and love doing restaurant research, etc., all of which is not compatible with a traditional cruise.  However, I think that for Alaska, a cruise would work best.

I have two questions. First, are there any cruise lines that are known to attract a younger crowd? We are both fairly athletic and would love a more active itinerary that includes hiking/kayaking excursions. Second, I've seen Northbound, Southbound, round-trip, and Inner Passage itineraries. Are there any that are superior? We are planning to go in August, so the weather should be very nice.


RE: A Young Person's AK Cruise??

by Caroline »

I don't know of a young person's cruise either but I do think you might find the State Operated ferry system on the Inside Passage exactly what you're looking for.  It's where you'll find most of the physically fit young people who are really quite cool and it's fun.   You can get a berth (very nice berths on it too) and you simply pay for your meals as you would in a restaurant.   I've never eaten food that good on a cruise either.  There is a Park, Ranger on board (or was before budget cuts) who will point out and discuss any of the wildlife and the viewing deck (lounge) is really incredible.  

Take a look at my post detailing that on the thread Is It Possible To Take Road Trips Through Alaska?  The really nice part of the Alaska Pass that I discuss in that thread is that you can cruise, take the train (very nice) or the Grey line bus system on that pass.   Check it out and if you have any questions, I'll be happy to try to answer them for you.   It's been a few years since we went, but I've talked to others that say it's about the same as it was.  


RE: A Young Person's AK Cruise??

by travelandnature »

I am not familiar with cruise lines, per se.

However, you might really enjoy traveling on the Alaska State ferry system, known as the ALASKA MARINE HIGHWAY.

Read here for lots of useful routing information:

It is possible to book cabins on the larger ships.  Adventurous souls sleep out on the deck of the "blue canoes" as they make their way from small port to small port.  Passengers can either sleep in their tents or in sleeping bags on lounge chairs under heated covers on the upper decks.

There is nothing quite like awakening at 1am on an Alaskan summer night to see the Inside Passage sliding past in the evening light.

On the Alaska Marine Highway, you will meet lots of students going to work in the canneries, resident Alaskans traveling across the State, retirees who love the outdoors, and travelers from all points of the Globe.

The north and southbound intineraries of the Inside Passage stop at slightly different ports-of-call.   They are all interesting.

The routing that works for you depends on your dates of travel and entry points more than the on the ship's itinerary.

Do not limit your thinking to only southeastern Alaska.  The sailings along the ALEUTIAN ISLANDS and to KODIAK ISLAND are also worthwhile.

You should also consider a visit for kayaking and. camping in GLACIER BAY NATIONAL PARK.

 Look into an extension of your trip to DENALI NATIONAL PARK for hiking and wildlife viewing.

Check out the ALASKA PASS, a product that allows you to combine various forms of transport to create your own independent Alaskan vacation:

For the land portion of your trip, you can find BED and BREAKFASTS.  The Alaskan summer season is short.  The BnBs fill up fast ,so book early.  Here is one site for Alaskan bnbs:




RE: A Young Person's AK Cruise??

by bob200869 »

The most popular cruise line with the younger crowd that operate in Alaska are Royal Caribbean. Princess Cruises and NCL or ( Norwegian Cruise Lines ) would also be suitable. Just a quick tip, if you travel southbound try to get a cabin on the Port ( left side of the ship ) and vice versa - works well for the views. these cruises can be combined with land-tours and Rocky Mountaineer trips which are prret popular.

This website is good for searching specific itineraries

Have a good time !




RE: A Young Person's AK Cruise??

by Benny »

I'd skip the big cruise ships, and go for an adventure experience. Check out smaller boats like the Snow Goose ( They host 12 guests, and tailor each day to what the guests want to see and do. Everything from hiking and kayaking, to finding whales and other sea life. It's definitely something you won't forget. And, you won't miss karaoke night in the upper salon....


RE: A Young Person's AK Cruise??

by billiv »

I also recommend the Alaska Ferry system.  When I left Alaska, I took the ferry. Great experience.