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Forums » Algeria, Morocco & Libya » New Realities of Visiting Morocco?


New Realities of Visiting Morocco?

by fredws »

My wife and I will be visiting Morocco this spring with friends. We have always heard of the country and its people as being very friendly, and we are anxious to meet people there, enjoy the wonderful cuisine, and experience the cities and landscape. However, with the new U.S. administration's recent immigration policies, we anticipate that Americans may not be seen in as good a light as in the past. Arthur Frommer's column in our local paper this week (Feb. 12, 2017: "Consequences to Follow Travel Ban") certainly suggests that this may be so. My question is, how can we present ourselves when visiting Morocco (and by extension, other countries not favorably inclined to U.S. policies) as not being of the same mindset as our government? It doesn't seem right to deny, disavow or hide our American citizenship, but neither does it seem prudent to seek to actively engage others on this subject. The four of us will be traveling as part of a larger group, and not all of the group may share our outlook. How much should we reflect our individual attitudes or project a group identity? Any thoughts from experienced travelers would be welcome.

Under Moroccan Sun LLC

RE: New Realities of Visiting Morocco?

by Under Moroccan Sun LLC »

As a Moroccan / American I certainly understand your concern about the reception of Americans, given the political climate in the US right now. However, I'm very confident that you will find Morocco to be a warm, welcoming, and hospitable place in spite of everything. In other words, you have nothing to worry about in terms of animosity, and as we like to say, "Machi mouchkil" which means "no problem." You don't need to do anything differently while on tour that you wouldn't otherwise be doing - dressing and acting respectfully, showing openness to our culture or new experiences, and relaxing and having fun. You're very thoughtful to even ask about this issue. Hey Moroccan just like the rest of the world realizes that the newer president does not reflect the majority of the Americans.