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Forums » Croatia » Split and Hvar Question


Split and Hvar Question

by warlord »

  I'll be flying to Split in May and am curious if there are any other sites that ferry a single passenger (no car) between Split and Hvar besides  Reason is it seems they only have afternoon boats and would like to leave earlier in the day if I can.


  Also besides being based in Hvar and enjoying the nightlife, are there any good options for day trips?  I know Stari Grad is close, but what other interesting fun things are on the island that I can easily get to by bus?  Is it worth a boat trip for the day to visit Vis?


RE: Split and Hvar Question

by ekaloci3 »

I don't think that there is another, Jadrolinija is the biggest fery transport in Croatia. When you get to Split use this guide, It will help you to find out what to visit, where to eat, where to sleep, tips to save money...
This is the best Croatian travel website.