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Forums » Dubai & the UAE » Family vacation in December! Need advice!!

warren ref

Family vacation in December! Need advice!!

by warren ref »

Our family of 8 persons have decided to visit Dubai during the yuletide. We understand December is their peak season and the weather is  not as hot as it is in the summer.  Consequently, we THINK overall prices will be higher in December.  We may be wrong.

We have researched and found a few SALES advertised on Travelocity for the time period and are seeing some promising items. 


1.       What do you think about our plan to book our December vacation in August?  Will it be best to wait till December 2015 and book the vacation?

2.       What is the best time to book our flights?  Now or December 2015?

3.       We use Travelocity to search for good deals.  Would you please recommend a better site you know?

4.       Would you  be kind enough to recommend a reputable tour agency through whom we can book and get better deals at similar hotels as shown above?

Best regards,



Karin Altariq

RE: Family vacation in December! Need advice!!

by Karin Altariq »

I have been to Dubai several times. At the last time, I went alone in March of this year with the help of Altdubai and had an amazing trip. I visited Desert Safari, Helicopter Tour, Burj Khalifa, flew to Luxor, enjoyed a wonderful Nile cruise at night and the belly dance, it was mind blowing. I hope it will be help you. Have a wonderful trip.


RE: Family vacation in December! Need advice!!

by KaseyMo »

Hi Warren. First off, the weather really is great in the ME during December. Nice sunny days with a small nip in the air that's quite refreshing. To get to your questions, I think it's better to book your accommodation in December itself unless you come across a great deal. Most if not all hotels usually have some sort of seasonal deal. If you're looking for someplace a little different to stay at though, and if you have the budget for it, Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is pretty awesome. As for flights, since you're travelling with a group of 8 I would recommend getting your tickets sorted out early if you spot a good deal. Flights are usually packed during the holiday rush and you might not always be able to get 8 seats on the same flight (let alone seats together) if you hold out for too long.