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Go Montanita

Transportation in Montanita/ Go Montanita

by Go Montanita »

Go Montanita is an Ecuadorian company that operates out of Montanita Ecuador, the owners are from USA and Peru. With years of Experience and travel Go Montanita has the experience and techonology to bring travelers in Montanita tickets on buses into and around Montanita, with destination such as Lima, Bogota, Quito, Mompiche, Canoa and Mancora. 


As a representative of the Company I would like to ask the World of Frommer's there opinion on what they thick about Montanita and there transportation routes and there experiences or there thoughts. So, if you have been to Montanita please share how you got here, bus, taxi, friend, and Please share any ideas.

what we are looking to do is better organize and accomidate transportation for backpackers.


Thank you.