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4th of July Island/Jungle Adventure

by daralhan »


My boyfriend and I are currently looking to plan a trip for the week of the 4th of July. We would like to do something that conisists of forest hikes, waterfalls, animals, sightseeing, for part of our trip and a possible island excursion or just really nice beach with snorkeling and maybe kayaking for the other part. We are currently looking at three options - Nicaragua and the Corn Islands, Honduras and Roatan, and Puerto Rico and Vieques/Culebra. We arent in need of anything resort like and prefer to avoid mass crowds. Does anyone have any suggestions whether they be one of these three or not or just any kind of input on this. We have never traveled Central America/Caribbean before and are open to any and all input. Thanks greatly in advance! 



Pauline Frommer

RE: 4th of July Island/Jungle Adventure

by Pauline Frommer »

I love Puerto Rico. A magical place, gorgeous beaches, El Junque rain forest for hiking and a place that needs our help right now (thanks to their debt crisis). I think you'll find what you're looking for there.


RE: 4th of July Island/Jungle Adventure

by SummerHaze »

I went on a surf trip to Nicaragua a couple of months back so here's my view: South West of the Pacific coast holds the highest amount of spots ranging from beachbreaks to rocky points. I know that the North also has great waves but I haven't ventured up there. Best waves I've had were at Colorados and Rancho Santana. Powerful, hollow beachbreaks with very few crowds out.