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Forums » Jordan » Need advice on timing and sights


Need advice on timing and sights

by malina »

How much time would you allow to visit Petra, Jordan?  Any place else you would recommend in Jordan?


RE: Need advice on timing and sights

by madaly »

While this was a year ago, this post is for anyone who sees this now and is interested-- I would say two days to get thet most out of Petra. I spent a day in Petra both times I visited Jordan. The first time I went, I visited the crowded areas; the second time, the more unknown trails (this was more fun, by far). 

As far as other sites go, I would visit Aqaba-- stay at the Royal Diving Club, you can literally snorkel right off their dock (and it's beautiful). Also, explore as much of Amman as you can. Take a bus from Amman to Jerash to see Roman ruins. 

Finally, definitely see the dead see, and if you have time, hike Wadi Mujib which is on the Dead Sea highway.