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Guidebook to Bagan, Myanmar

by brianvu »

Culture and customs in Bagan   Most people in Bagan follow Buddhism. They are very warm and friendly, but a bit cautious. Do not wear too revealing if you do not want to get noticed. In places of worship, your legs and shoulders should be covered, and you must remove both shoes and socks before entering. Couples should also pay close attention to publicity in public. You should also avoid political and religious topics when talking with people here.   Means of communication in Bagan   Although the hotels and restaurants have wifi but the transmission speed is very slow!   Is it safe to travel in Bagan?   Although tourists are advised not to go to border areas because of the violent conflict between liberal groups and the authorities, Bagan is a safe place. The tourism industry has developed a career for its residents (formerly very poor and many unemployed), so the authorities are always trying to ensure that visitors experience the best. They also set up the Tourist Police Force, which lands on the main roads, to help visitors when needed.   How to ensure health while traveling to Bagan?   Bagan is hot all year round so you need to bring bottled water with you and apply sunscreen or a full hat. On the way to Bagan, especially in the fields, you may encounter dogs, squirrels, monkeys and snakes, but I advise you not to approach them no matter how cute they look. Because wild animals can carry rabies or poison. You should also bring an insecticide spray bottle.   Tourist attractions in Bagan   There are more than 2,000 temples in Bagan, so I just list here temples that you can not ignore.   Shwezigon Paya: This is the most famous and beautiful religious work in Bagan. Built in the 11th century, this is a model building for temples built later in Myanmar. It is also believed to house the forehead and collarbone of the Buddha.   Htilominlo Pahto: This is a very impressive red brick temple. The name of the temple is the name of the king who built it. The temple was built exactly where the king was crowned.   Ananda Pahto: This is considered to be the most important temple in Bagan, so it is well preserved by being regularly repainted and repainted.   Shwesandaw Paya: This is the highest temple in Bagan. Travelers love to come here for a panoramic view of Bagan, especially at dawn.   Dhammayangyi Pahto: This is a temple of dark past. It was built by a mentally ill king named Narathu. King Narathu was assassinated inside the temple. Later, it is believed to have been haunted.   Sulamani Pahto: This temple is famous for its elaborate brickwork with fine carvings. It is known as Bagan's "jewel in the crown".   Pya-Tha-Da Paya: The path to this temple is hard to find. If you are not careful you will be wrong to turn or turn back. However, this is the ideal place for you to spend the end of the day because you can climb here and enjoy the beautiful sunset.   To visit the temple in Bagan, you will have to buy tickets (valid for 5 days), priced MMK25k (20 USD).   Acommodation in Bagan   Bagan is divided into three main areas - Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan. The cheapest resorts are located in Nyaung U, the most expensive places in Old Bagan. Here are my suggestions on where you should stop in each area:   Nyaung U: This is the best place to stay in terms of both price and location. I chose Zfreeti Hotel for this area. This hotel is very close to the restaurant, opposite a motorbike rental shop and within walking distance of the Balloons Over Bagan balloon office.   New Bagan: If you want to stay in a quieter place to stay, Bagan Lodge in New Bagan will be a perfect option for you. The high-pitched villas like the temples here have all the modern amenities you need, such as an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, gym and spa.   Old Bagan: If you want to open the window to see ancient temple temples, you can stay at Hotel @ Tharabar Gate. The room rate here is very expensive, but the service is extremely good, the view is beautiful and the rooms are luxurious.   Useful Links: Luxury Myanmar River Cruises | Belmond Orcaella | Irrawaddy Explorer  

RE: Guidebook to Bagan, Myanmar

by Johnexplo »

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