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Forums » Quebec & Montreal » Indian Summer (Montmorency falls)


Indian Summer (Montmorency falls)

by annastraveltribute »

Today was quite possibly the most beautiful day of my life in terms of natural scenery. My boyfriend and I visited the Montmorency Falls just outside of Old Quebec City to get a taste of the Indian Summer. Not all the trees had turned red yet, however, it was the perfect time to see the transition in colours between the seasons. The forest was filled with different shades of green, yellow, orange and red.




RE: Indian Summer (Montmorency falls)

by jackab »

I am curious to know and would love to have been there to witness such appealing views around. I am sure it will be a fun way to try out and enjoy some time with mates like you. I am thinking to join canada coach tours to see the beauty of Old Quebec City. But in summer season which month is best to go ahead for it?