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Forums » Quebec & Montreal » Montreal in June (2015)


Montreal in June (2015)

by MsSugarwolf »

Hello Everyone,

Im planning an early summer trip to Montreal/Quebec in the early part of June.  I was wanting your opinion on weather and if its a good time to go?  



Pauline Frommer

RE: Montreal in June (2015)

by Pauline Frommer »

The weather can still be chilly at the start of June, but it shouldn't be too bad and you won't get the crowds that you will in August. So I'd say: go for it!


RE: Montreal in June (2015)

by jackab »

June is a great month to visit the Montreal, but I personally love to go there in September. I must say it is really a nice region to enjoy vacations here with your friends and family. In June, there is an exciting thing to enjoy(Montreal International Jazz Festival) So, buddies if you have time and looking to go for  Montreal, then don't waste time to think about it just go for it.