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by blindbutterfly »


I am planning a trip to Montreal next fall and I am wondering  what si the best  area to stay  ..

I'm spliting my time  betwenn vermont and montreal  so I will only be in montreal for 3 nights ..

and  a possible day trip to Quebec...( looking  for a day tour)

any suggestions  so I dont have to drive while I am in town...

I wan to see notre dame. old montreal  and other attraccions...




Pauline Frommer

RE: Montreal

by Pauline Frommer »

It's difficult to do a day trip to Quebec City from Montreal as the two are quite far apart. If you want to see it (and it's a very beautiful city, with a lot of history and great museums), plan at least an overnight in Quebec City. For places to stay: we have many recommendations on this website. Have a wonderful trip!


RE: Montreal

by jackab »

Quebec City is really a cool region to go for and I think who are planning to go for this city all the way from Montreal so take the services of canadian coach tours. In this way you can get hotel stay and see the impreal points of interests of Quebec City in reasoanble price. Recently I exoprienced it and wanna recoemend all others too.