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Forums » Russia » july 2018 bad idea? help with dates please


july 2018 bad idea? help with dates please

by berlinmed »

Hi all

I am planning a trip to St Petersburg for next summer 2018

Traveling with my wife and a my 4 year old son from USA.

I was planning on traveling sometime between July 5 and July 16th, but then I realized that the world cup will be around those dates and so the hotel prices and likely flights will be more expensive than usual... it would also be interesting to see the white nights, which was my initial plan for chosing those dates.

Looking for suggestions about the dates ( I have to request the dates from work almost a year in advance to get them)

Right now I am thinking of booking the flight for the end of July 2018, hopefully by that time the commotion, crowds and the prices will come down...


Thank you!