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Forums » Sri Lanka » Sri Lanka, a Land like no other.


Sri Lanka, a Land like no other.

by drfumblefinger »

One of my favorite travel destinations is Sri Lanka.  I've had the great pleasure of visiting this island 8 times over the years.  The island is lush, green and lovely.  It's people are friendly and have a rich culture.  And rarely in such a small place will you find such great diversity.  Of course it has beautiful beaches, like so many places.  But in Sri Lanka you have incredibly tall mountains, the slopes of which are covered with tea plantations.  There's interesting archeology dating back to the time of Christ.  And the food and culture make it a very worthwhile travel destination.

I've written extensively about my travels to Sri Lanka on my blog, which features accompany slideshows with hundreds of photos.  If you're interested in reading or seeing more, here's a link to that:

So keep Sri Lanka in mind when planning your travels.  Seven to ten days here would be a great travel experience.


RE: Sri Lanka, a Land like no other.

by LucyL »

Thanks so much for this. I'll head over to the blog!


RE: Sri Lanka, a Land like no other.

by Bluebell »

I couldn't agree more!  Sri Lanka's a great destination.  This lush, compact island has interesting cultures (Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim), fantastic food, great beaches, scenic mountains.  I visited in 2004 and it's still on my "return to" list.

Now that the civil war is over, more people should consider it.  Recently, anti-Muslim sentiment has flared up but it remains localized.

If you're flying halfway around the world, a leisurely two-week visit would make it even more worthwhile.



RE: Sri Lanka, a Land like no other.

by luttappeffu »

good site to be read


RE: Sri Lanka, a Land like no other.

by KayzJohn »

Thanks for sharing about Sri Lanka, great compliment,went through the blog, realy nostalgic...