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Forums » Thailand » Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park – The Place to Escape from The Heat in Thailand


Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park – The Place to Escape from The Heat in Thailand

by brianvu »

Cartoon Network Amazone is located in a small seaside town where is just 20 minutes drive from Pattaya. This is Thailand's first international themed park, and is home to Cartoon Network's favorite characters such as The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and Adventure Time. The park is a licensed deal between Amazon Falls, a water park developer and Turner International Asia Pacific, owner and operator of Cartoon Network.   This water park is designed to be a "daycation" destination - a unique destination in Thailand and Asia, a place where music and live theater show with the characters of Cartoon Network is just as important as water attraction.   This is the world's first and only water park with more than 30 state-of-the-art water games with over 10 themed entertainment areas and extremely attractive animated entertainment and other highlights.   Coming to Cartoon Network amazone, visitors will no longer feel a hot summer when they are immersed in the interactive game under the water is very exciting to the "Great Space" with the aircraft. The fastest high-speed rollercoaster must make visitors scream loudly as it slopes from a tower up to 20m tall to give visitors a more intense experience than the usual gutter slider. Here, there are many boats, coils, tunnels, and gliders for travelers to slip into the tube with a sense of adventure.   With the "Cartoonival", this place is very suitable for young children and they will play forever not to lose when stepping to this place with more than 150 interesting underwater discover and play with countless popular cartoon characters on Cartoon Network channel.   The "Riptide Rapid" is like a lazy river, but it is more powerful and interesting as you cling to a float and drop yourself into the continuous flow of the artificial river that surrounds Amazone for a little relaxation after the continuous water slide.   The "Mega Wave" area is more interesting for visitors wishing to experience rippling waves, such as a sea bath with artificial undulating waves, for visitors to surf on light waves.   If you want to try the real surfing experience, visitors should come to the "Surf arena" where there will be guides who teach you surfing skills such as skilled athletes on artificial waves with the speed of up to more than 50 kimometers / hour. This is extremely exciting and full of adventure.   Guests can relax at the Cartoon Network Amazone water park when going to the "Foodville" area, an open space with a gastronomy area featuring international and local specialties including Japanese, Korean, India, USA and Italy. Prices are slightly higher but suitable for water park in Thailand. A great thing at Cartoon Network Pattaya is the waterproof credit card, recharge and use it to buy drinks and snacks throughout the day without using a purse.   If visitors do not like to immediately return to the water after soaking up the culinary pleasures, there are plenty of sun loungers placed around the pool and walkway to relax in the sun.   In addition to recreational activities on the shore, if you have time to stay here in the evening, you will enjoy more acrobatic performances in the fanciful space of light and water. This is a great ending to the day at the most memorable water park.   Useful Links: Bagan Travel | Things to do in Bagan |