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Question about these London Plans

by mcleffler »

Sorry everyone, I'm a Frommer's newbie and seemed to post this question in the middle of another thread. My apologies; here is me trying again :). 

Thanks for all the great tips here. Planning a 4-5 day trip and have a few questions. 

Arrive Heathrow - how best to get to hotel? - choosing hotel based on below:

We plan to go to the theatre (Palace). 
Our top touring spots may include Hop on off bus. 
Windsor Castle
Sunrise Stonehenge 
War room
What time will permit (Tate, British Museum, Covent Garden). Walkable to some of these places would make the liklihood greater I assume. 

Given this plan, where should we stay? Need a very reasonable hotel/BandB (175-225). 
All advice welcome. 



Mary L


RE: Question about these London Plans

by PHeymont »

Excepting Windsor and Stonehenge, all of these are really quite central.

Don't be afraid to be a few stops away from the center; public transport, both Tube and busses, will connect you to any you don't feel like walking.

For Stonehenge, if you want to do sunrise, you're probably best off taking one of the packaged tours that pick you up in London and return you; most also include either Bath or Salisbury (nearest city to Stonehenge) in the itinerary. Otherwise, you'd need to take a train the night before, and would still need to get from Salisbury to the quite remote site.



RE: Question about these London Plans

by Elina »

Try to find hotel somewhere in the center. I can't adivse you one as I don't know your budget. However there are also buses in the city which you can use. 

You can get some help with this tool:

Also, you can take bus tours to cover the places in London that you have mentioned.


RE: Question about these London Plans

by katecohen »

As @PHeymont said: the public transport of London City is great - you don't have to worry about losing track or a bus. Finding a hotel near the city centre is also a great idea - you won't have to walk great distances to get to the most iconic places.

Best regards,