Despite Fierce Opposition from U.S. Air Carriers, Norwegian Air Has Received Permission to Radically Slash Airfares Across the Atlantic

By Arthur Frommer

Norwegian Air is about to introduce some healthy competition on transatlantic flights, making travel a lot easier and cheaper for many more Americans.

In a Dramatic and Somewhat Unexpected Change, Lines at Airport Security Gates Have Greatly Shortened, Easing the Process of Checking in for a Flight

By Arthur Frommer

After doomsday headlines about endless security lines last summer, airport screenings have gotten downright speedy. Do we owe the TSA an apology?

Three Budget-Priced Airlines Are Currently Offering Cheap Flights Across the Atlantic to Europe

By Arthur Frommer

When it comes to transatlantic flights, these low-cost upstarts are giving major airlines a run for their money. 


How to Make Time at the Airport a Bit Less Stressful

By Pauline Frommer

Everyone wants to go on vacation. Nobody wants to go to the airport. But with the following tips, your stay in that purgatory could be just a hair more tolerable.

FAA Raises Alarm Over Fires in Samsung Smartphones

By Alexandra Cheney

Following numerous reports of Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones catching fire, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement warning airline passengers to not turn on or charge the smartphone in flight

Flying One of the World's Longest Flights—in Economy

By Juliana Shallcross

If there’s a long-haul flight in your travel plans, this account of a 15-hour flight I recently made in economy class will give you an idea of what’s in store. (Teaser: Flying more than six hours on an international flight is way more enjoyable than flying six hours across the U.S.)

A Passenger's Warning About Ryanair—And Three Things Every Ryanair Customer Must Know

By Jason Cochran

An American traveler learns the hard way about why European airline Ryanair has such cheap fares—let her experience be your lesson.

America’s Best Airline Is Crowned, But Is It About to Sink Soon?

By Sascha Segan

On the same day that Virgin America took the crown as the United States' best airline, it was purchased and its future became uncertain. And which airline was jeered as the worst in the country? That's less of a surprise.

Gotcha! What Delta Doesn't Tell You About Its Late-Bag Delivery Fees

By Jason Cochran

When a bag doesn't make it onto a flight and has to be delivered to a hotel, passengers are charged—but no one at the airline is warning them how much it will cost.

How to Complain to Delta Air Lines

By Margaret Daly

Follow these instructions to file a complaint to one of the most prevalent companies in America, Delta Air Lines, which is often ranked #1 in customer complaints.

How to Complain to American Airlines

By Margaret Daly

Flying is hard as it is, but your experience with certain airlines can make it harder. If that happens with American, here's how to file a complaint.

How to Complain to U.S. Airways

By Margaret Daly

Want to report an issue to U.S. Airways? To complain to this subsidiary airline of American Airlines, follow the instructions below.

How to Complain to United Airlines

By Margaret Daly

Use the following instructions and information to report your issue to United Airlines.

The New "Big Three" of Travel Search Engines: Competition Dies

By Reid Bramblett

As America's wide field of airline competitors has consolidated down to just three major players, consumers also have less choice when it comes to which companies are controlling the travel search results they see.

Hurricane Travel Tips: What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance, Hotel Guarantees & More

By Lisa Cheng

Tempted by all those Caribbean travel deals during hurricane season? Go ahead and book -- if you understand what travel insurance covers, and if you know what to do if an oncoming storm cancels your flight or disrupts your cruise.

That's Ridiculous! A Fond Farewell to the Jerks that Make Travel Intolerable

By Christopher Elliott

It's all I really want to say in my final 'That's Ridiculous!' column. Don't. Be. A. Jerk.

Travel Troubleshooter: A Long, Bumpy Ride to Denied-Boarding Compensation

By Christopher Elliott

After being denied boarding on an overbooked flight, this passenger dug into federal regulations to reveal that passenger rights are never a sure thing.

Travel Troubleshooter: Want Better Airline Service? Power Up Your Smartphone

By Christopher Elliott

New Internet-based technologies that some travel companies are embracing promise an almost instant response. If you carry a smartphone, these tools can lead to a better experience -- if you know how to use them.

That's Ridiculous! The Irrational Passengers Irrational Airlines Carry

By Christopher Elliott

The problem with air travel, both from a passenger and an airline perspective, is that we've disengaged our brains almost completely from the process.

Travel Troubleshooter: Is Your Credit Card Safe at Cruising Altitude?

By Christopher Elliott

This passenger's problem raises two bigger questions for air travelers who want to buy something on board: Is it safe? And is there a way to protect your card?

'Tis the Season for Fabulous Family Vacation Freebies

By Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

Cheap is good, but free is better -- especially when it comes to family vacation deals. Here are seven freebies to help you plan an affordable winter getaway with the kids.

Travel Troubleshooter: After the Storm, Who has Your Refund?

By Christopher Elliott

The recent superstorm and series of nor'easters that slammed into the East Coast grounded tens of thousands of travelers. Fortunately, most travel companies waived their usual rules, offering those delayed by the storms a refund or a credit. But not all travel companies.

That's Ridiculous! Bad Holiday Travel Advice and the Bad Pundits Who Give It

By Christopher Elliott

I'm done with offering the same dry travel advice every year at about this time. Finished!

Travel Troubleshooter: The Great Airline Fee Grab

By Christopher Elliott

The domestic airline industry as a whole is in the process of re-imagining its business model, moving away from one in which the price of a ticket covers the basic cost of air transportation to one in which optional fees account for much of its profits.

Travel Troubleshooter: Are Lax Rules Slowing Down Airline Ticket Refunds?

By Christopher Elliott

Passengers have complained about the slow pace of airline ticket refunds ever since there have been airline tickets to complain about. Like other businesses, air carriers are reluctant to part with the revenues they collect from customers, even when they are supposed to.