Kentucky Sale from Midwest/Frontier Airlines

We were somehow unaware that the world's first cheeseburger came from Kentucky. So says Midwest Airlines (tel. 800/452-2022; the intro to their latest sale, featuring low fares to Kentucky. This sale is good for travel Monday through Saturday, through November 17. Fares require a 7-day advance purchase. Avoid blackout dates July 2, 3, and 5.

Round-trip fares include:

On Sale: Honolulu to Tokyo

Save on travel from Honolulu to Tokyo with China Airlines (tel. 800/227-5118; Offer is valid for outbound travel, Mondays through Saturdays, through June 27, for $855 round-trip, before taxes, and from June 28 through August 15 for $815 round-trip, before taxes. Please note that Friday and Saturday travel will incur a weekend charge of $35 each way. Round-trip fares require a minimum stay of 3 days, with an allowed maximum of 3 months.

Save on Flights to/from Alaska

From Alaska Airlines (tel. 800/426-0333; comes a new sale on travel to/from select cities in Alaska. Fly from June 17 through September 7. Tickets require a 10-day advance purchase. All bookings must be made by June 18.

Round-trip fares include:

SAS Promo Code Offer

Fly to select Scandinavian cities in late summer/early fall as part of the latest promo code offer from SAS (tel. 800-221/2350; Just enter promo code LHUSSC58 at time of purchase to receive discounted fare.

Offer requires a minimum Saturday night stay, with an allowed maximum of 12 months.

Round-trip fares include:

For more fares, check our city pages for Copenhagen.

British Airways' New First-Class Cabin for $75

Recently, I spent $75 to get a seat in British Airways' new and improved first class cabin from New York to London, and although my original flight was ash-canned, I did eventually get there. And to paraphrase the Beatles, man, I did not have a dreadful flight. To quickly explain: I signed up for a British Airways-branded Chase Visa Card ($75 annual fee) and was awarded 100,000 bonus frequent flyer miles, enough to cover the 75,000 (one-way) required for a ride way in BA's newly-refreshed premier cabin. Heck, I don't fly much these days, and my 56-year-old posterior isn't as padded as it used to be, nor are my joints quite as supple, so $75 for a little comfort is just what the chiropractor ordered. (Note: that amazing bonus mile offer is no longer available; the best you can do currently is 30,000 miles). Had I actually bought that seat? Well, honestly, on my salary and at my pay grade, that would have been unlikely. It would have cost several thousand dollars -- more if I paid full freight, less if I had bought a heavily discounted fare. As it turned out, that Iceland volcano had other plans for me.

Passport on the Brink of Expiration?

Think you have time to squeeze in one more trip before renewing your passport? Before cutting it close, you might want to reconsider. From our mailbag: "I was denied boarding on a flight to Brazil because, although my passport was valid and didn't expire until several weeks after my return to the U.S., the airline informed me that many countries require that a passport be valid for six or more months from the time the passenger returns home. This doesn't make sense to me. Do other countries have similar policies?" Find out in our recent Q&A.

Additional reporting by Tracy W. Stewart

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and blogger whose website,, tracks unadvertised airfare wars and fare sales, including the most helpful and always updated Top 50 Airfares.

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