We haven't seen such a vicious unadvertised fare war in many months. United (tel. 800/241-6522; has slashed fares to and from American's hubs (Dallas, St. Louis) and American (tel. 800/433-7300; has returned the favor out of United's hubs (Denver, Washington, San Francisco). You'll find the most routes on sale out of St. Louis, Denver and Dallas, and a more limited choice to/from Washington and to/from San Francisco. Seats are available through mid-April 2007. Because Travelocity no longer lists United's fares in their flexible date searches, you might want to try, which does. For the American fares, use Travelocity's flexible search. We've listed as many of these fares as we could find on the Dallas, Denver, St. Louis, San Francisco and Washington pages of Airfarewatchdog. These fares work in reverse too, so if we've listed a San Francisco/Miami fare it also works Miami/San Francisco.

Here are some sample fares, all with good to limited availability depending on date and route. To make your search easier, we've included some "deep links" to these fares on Travelocity.

  • Dallas/Boston $139 United
  • Dallas/Charleston SC $139 United
  • Dallas/Jacksonville $139 RT United
  • Dallas/Los Angeles $139 RT United
  • St. Louis/Norfolk $139 United
  • St. Louis /New York $139 United
  • St. Louis/San Diego $139 United
  • St. Louis/Seattle $139 United
  • San Francisco/Austin $140 American
  • San Francisco/Denver $140 American
  • San Francisco/Ft. Lauderdale $140 American
  • San Francisco/San Antonio $140 American

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and blogger whose website,, tracks unadvertised airfare wars and other fare sales.

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