Fall Fares to France

It may seem a little premature, but, looking around all the new international fares springing up for September and October, we can't help but feel a tinge of excitement for fall. The crowds thin, the heat tapers, and -- the best part -- fares drop. It's the smartest time to travel! Sure, sure, the latest crop of fares don't even come close to some of those everything-must-go bargain-basement deals we've seen in the past, but hey, it's a definite improvement on summer prices.

First up, Iberia (tel.800/772-4642; has some great fares from New York to various French destinations, including:

And be sure to check out other fall fares from Iberia departing from New York, like Pisa, Rome, and Venice.

ATTN Families: EuroFly Sale

EuroFly (tel. 800/459-0581;, the low-cost airline flying between New York JFK and Italy, is offering discounts for August travel if there are 2 to 4 passengers traveling together.

Four people pay a total of $3,439 plus about $90 per passenger in taxes, or $2,679 for three. Destinations include Rome, Naples, Bologna, Pescara, Palermo, Lamezia and Bari. To book, visit their site.

London Fall Fare Round-up

Been waiting and waiting for a particular destination in Europe to go on sale, but not having much luck? Fly into London and try your luck on one of the UK's many budget airlines like ( RyanAir or EasyJet ( Chances are they fly to or near wherever it is you're looking to go. And of course, there's always the option of actually -- you know - staying in London, which, for the budget-minded traveler, seems like less and less of an option these days. But hey, double your spending, double your pleasure, if your wallet says it's okay!

China Airlines: L.A. to Vietnam & India

For those shuffling between Hollywood and Bollywood this summer, China Airlines (tel. 800/227-5118; has just the sale for you. Los Angeles to Delhi is $1,325 round-trip for outbound travel between July 12 and August 15.

China Airlines also has some great deals from Los Angeles to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, starting at $935, good for travel in late summer/fall.

Both of these web promos are available only through Fares with taxes include:

Youll Find Cheaper Fares for Travel After Labor Day and Before October 30

Even with the airlines losing zillions, they're still publishing some ridiculously cheap domestic fares. A recent Fare of the Day, for example, was Dayton to San Francisco for $212 RT including tax. But like many cheap fares, this one was essentially sold out for most of the summer. The really cheap fares are only available on most airlines, domestically, from after Labor Day through October. And Tuesday and Wednesday, as always, are the cheapest days of the week to travel (that's because most business travelers begin their trips on Monday and return Thursday or Friday, and most leisure travelers leave on Friday and return Sunday or Monday).

That said, we've seen a number of super deals on US Airways for scattered dates in July and August. But you must use a flexible date search to find them. Southwest has been playing around with unadvertised sale fares, too, especially for Tue/Wed travel in October. Try their flexible date feature to find deals.

American's $15 First Bag Fee

So, how's it going over at American Airlines in the post free checked bag era? interviewed American spokesperson Tim Smith to get the inside scoop. Read On...

Additional Reporting by Tracy W. Stewart, Bo Borre, and David Landsel

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