New Schedules, New Routes at Skybus

The folks at Skybus (no telephone, no kidding; got a jump on their spring-cleaning this week, tossing out a few old routes and adding brand new ones. Among the new, there's New York (Newburgh) to Boston (Portsmouth), as well as Hartford (Springfield) to Ft. Myers (Punta Gorda) and St. Augustine, and Richmond to St. Augustine. Look for these new routes begin June 1.

And the bad news: Heart-shaped tub enthusiast hoping to hitch a cheap ride to Niagara Falls will have to choose another carrier, as this route has been dumped. And speaking of choo-choos, Chattanooga is also getting a boot to the caboose. Schedules have also been slimmed down in Columbus, with just one daily flight to Ft Myers, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

April Deals on Midwest

Purchase your ticket by March 24 and save on April travel on Midwest Airlines (tel. 800/452-2022; We've found some great round-trip deals on this sale, including:

More Bangkok for your Sad Little Buck

We've found some great deals on spring travel to Bangkok recently, for almost half less than the prevailing rates from some cities. It's like getting a two-fer for you and your Siamese twin (or spouse, or cousin, mother, or brother). Most of these fares are on American Airlines (tel. 800-433-7300;, although we've found a few from Continental as well. Round-trip fares include:

No doubt these will go fast, so if you're even slightly interested we suggest you pounce somewhat quickly.

Seoul Saving

In answer to that age-old question posed by carnivores everywhere, Seoul is where the beef is. For those of you who like your meat red, rare, thinly sliced and lightly seared, just think of Seoul as one big hibachi with a serious side order of kimchi as a potent sidekick.

We've found some smoking round-trip fares that should get you all fired up and rarin' to go.

Latin America Sale from AA

American Airlines (tel. 800-433-7300; has introduced a new sale to Latin America, and while it's certainly not their best work, you can still salvage a deal here and there, namely to San Jose, Guatemala City, Belize City, San Pedro Sula and a few others. Still, we'd advise checking Orbitz and elsewhere for a better deal before settling here, especially if you're departing from a major hub. Anyhoo, round-trip fares (before tax) include:

These fares are good for travel from April 1 through June 10, and all purchases must be made by March 28.

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner. But Should They?

Remember the hullabaloo last summer when a mother and her 19-month old son were booted from their flight, all because the child kept repeating "Bye bye plane, bye bye plane, bye bye plane..." over and over and over again? Well, obviously that was poorly handled by the crew. And kicking parent and child off the flight is beyond excessive. But the truth is, we've probably all felt a little split second pang of uh-oh, upon realizing we've been seated near a child. And the experience can be even more stressful for parents, who hope their child will behave, sit tight, and avoid the scorn of fellow passengers and crew. Is a reserved parent-child seating section the way to go? We've heard the idea tossed around before, but what do you think? Should airlines have a section of the plane reserved for parents and young children/babies? Take a moment and click on over to our multiple choice (" target="_blank"> survery and let us know!

Additional Reporting by Tracy W. Stewart & Bo Borre

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