One, Two, Free

American Airlines (tel. 800/433-7300; is offering a very good deal for people who fly to/from Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis, Austin, Nashville, LA and certain other cities.

Fly just two roundtrips between now and Nov. 15 on the routes listed below, and you'll get 25,000 bonus AAdvantage miles. Fly four roundtrips, and you'll get 50,000 miles (sorry, that's the max they're offering). You must register online for this offer using the link above.

JetBlue State of Mind

JetBlue (tel. 800/JET-BLUE; has just slashed fares between New York JFK and Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse, NY to $30 each way. There's a 7-day advance purchase and you must travel by Nov. 14 except Fri and Sun and purchase by midnight ET Sep 21.

A Sure Cure for the Winter Blues

This winter, forget those piddly sun lamps. Here's a prescription for fending off those seasonal funks: We've found plenty of great deals from the New York area to the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, North Africa, and other far-flung places. And remember, these fares are all round-trip and include taxes:

Delta Sale to the Caribbean

If you're looking to outrun those cool temps, Delta (tel. 800/221-1212; has a nice little sale from Atlanta to the Caribbean. These fares are good for travel before December 16, and must be purchased by September 24. Check sale details for blackout dates. All fares listed are round-trip, and include taxes:

  • Atlanta to Sir Grantley Adams Int'l, Barbados $415
  • Atlanta to Nassau, Bahamas $421
  • Atlanta to Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago $404
  • Atlanta to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic $458
  • Alaska Airlines Rake Sale

    Hate raking? We do too. Maybe this new sale can help us put it off even longer. Alaska Airlines (tel. 800/426-0333; is having a Rake in the Savings sale, good for fall travel up until November 15. All purchases must be made by September 24, so get a move on already, before anyone asks you to do that yard work.

    American Airlines DealFinder Fares

    First Southwest Airlines launched their Ding! Fares ( Recently, American got into the act as well with special sales that are available only on American's site. Unlike Southwest's fares, which expire the same day they're announced, American's sales have a longer sale period. For example, these fares from New York City are valid for purchase until 11:59 PM September 24.

    How good are the fares? New York to Nashville was listed at $116 RT vs. $136 on Travelocity; LaGuardia to Atlanta was going for $142 RT in this sale on nonstop flights, vs. a lowest nonstop of $159 on Airtran. So while the savings aren't mind boggling, there are still savings to be had. Sign up for deal finder here

    Southwest Boarding Change

    Boy, Southwest (tel. 800/435-9792; is really shaking things up these days. Hot on the heels of their ever-unfolding dress-code scandals,the airline decided to rethink their approach to open-seating. Starting this November, passengers will be assigned to boarding groups A through C, as well as a number based on the order of check-in. Once in a row and ready to board, groups (in sub-sets of five) can then make their orderly dash to their seats. If that sounds like the hokey-pokey to you too, the folks at Southwest have typed up a handy tutorial, aka Boarding School, to prepare you for the change.

    Not keen on change? Hey, look on the bright side. With a number to hold your place in line, you'll be free to make one last trek for snacks and magazines.

    Four New Skybus Stops

    Just in time for the holidays, Skybus (no telephone number; will begin serving four new destinations. Starting December 5, passengers can fly from Columbus to Chattanooga, Gulfport/Biloxi, Milwaukee, and Punta Gorda/Fort Myers. And as is the Skybus way, seats will be available for $10 each-way.

    That's not all Skybus has up their sleeve. Beginning December 17, they will boost service between Columbus and St Augustine by a second daily round-trip flight.

    Skybus currently does not offer any connecting flights, meaning if you want to fly anywhere beyond Columbus and point B, then you're out of luck. They do acknowledge that it's possible to book your own connections (for example San Diego to Columbus to Boston) but advise against it.

    Two Kookaburras, One Stone

    Half-way around the Earth is a long way to go even in the jet age, so why not get the best of both worlds while you're down there, especially when you can get it for the price of just one?

    Building on our previous efforts to guide you through the bewildering maze of offers from Air New Zealand and Qantas, here's another tip for getting the most for your already stretched greenback.

    The See New Zealand and Australia offer from Air New Zealand (tel. 800/262-1234; gives you a choice of going to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane and returning from any one those for cities and includes a stop-over in Auckland to and/or from your way to Australia.

    We found fares starting at $1,050, but the final cost may be higher (or perhaps lower) depending on your particular itinerary, and you're on your own when it comes to domestic travel in either country.

    This offer is available until September 30 from Los Angeles or San Francisco for a limited number of seats on a few select November departures. You can travel between the two countries and return home anytime for up to a year, as long as you're gone at least 5 days, which is about the time it takes to get there and back, anyway. G'day mate!

    Top 50 Best Fares

    Be sure to check out the Airfarewatchdog Top 50 Fares for a look at the latest and greatest in low fares. And for a complete listing of what's shakin' in your neck of the woods, find your town on our roster of cities.

    Additional Reporting by Tracy William Stewart and Bo Borre

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