There's a major fare war going on between Continental and USAir. It's a true St. Patrick's Day massacre, with Continental offering fares between Phoenix and many East Coast cities for $94 one-way with no round-trip purchase required. Same deal for coast-to-coast (and shorter hops) to/from Charlotte and Pittsburgh at $74-$94 one-way. Travel is valid through Feb 10, 2007, but seats are hard to find on some routes (they do exist).


You'll also find big fare reductions for Cleveland, Newark, Pittsburgh and Houston on USAir, but in most cases these fares are for shorter routes, such as Cleveland/Portland ME for $74 one-way. In some cases, such as Pittsburgh/Seattle, even though Northwest has a fare $10 less than Continental's $94 one-ways, seats are easier to find on Continental and CO's fares can be bought one-way whereas Northwest requires a round-trip purchase.

The same is true for Philadelphia to Charleston WV to name another example at random. Northwest has a $138 round-trip fare, but seats are scarce; CO's $188 round-trip has more seats. USAir's fare on that route is $423 round-trip! And United's is $433! See a selection of fares with deep links directly to the fare bookings on Travelocity on the Airfarewatchdog Top 30 page. We expect this sale to last at least a few more hours, but there¿s no telling exactly when one airline will cry "uncle."

George Hobica is a syndicated travel journalist and blogger whose website,, tracks unadvertised airfare wars and other fare sales.

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