This week's smart deal has mucho to offer travelers -- there's a lot of variedad in this promotion from Aero Mexico (tel. 800/237-6639; Geared toward families who are torn between the urge to travel and the reality of their budget, the airline's "Fly Your Family For Less" promotion gives flyers a free ticket if they buy three or four tickets. You must book by December 15, and here's the nice part: You buy either three or four tickets, and receive another ticket for the same flight and class of service -- and anyone can use the free ticket. So if you're traveling with the family and want to bring a close friend who's like family, that person is covered. You must pay taxes and fuel charges on the free ticket, however.

With winter approaching, Mexico becomes an increasingly popular place for an escape. Your departure gate and destination will determine whether you are eligible for the three plus one plan or the four plus one plan. The latter plan offers more options for departures, and includes Mexico City (accessible via Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Seattle, or San Francisco); Guadalajara (from Chicago, Los Angeles, or Seattle); Morelia (Chicago); Hermosillo (Las Vegas; Phoenix); and Aguascalientes and Léon (Los Angeles). The four-plus-one plan is available for Cancún (via Atlanta); Mexico City (Houston, Miami, New York, Orlando); Mérida (Miami); Guadalajara (Ontario, Canada); Monterrey (Las Vegas); and Los Cabos (San Diego, Seattle).

The promotion is subject to availability, for round-trip travel or one-way travel on AeroMexico or AeroMexico Connect flights.

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