Want to Save a Ton of Money on Your Next Car Rental? We'll Show You How

By David Landsel

Where are travelers most frequently being taken for a ride? The airport. But you can save money on rental cars with one simple trick—and we have the numbers to prove it.

How to Complain to Uber

By Margaret Daly

As revolutionary as it may be, consumer experiences with this transportation app are not always ideal. Here's how you can file a complaint to Uber.

How to Complain to Hertz Rent-A-Car

By Margaret Daly

For instructions on how to send feedback to the well-known Hertz Rent-A-Car, read below.


That's Ridiculous! Car Rental Absurdities I'd Change If I Could

By Christopher Elliott

I'm offended by the car rental industry's business model, and you should be, too.

7 Ways to Snag an Affordable Winter Getaway

By Suzanne Rowan Kelleher

It's that time of year again. The air is cooler, summer memories are fading, school is in full swing, and the whole family is itching to get away for a few days.

That's Ridiculous! The Gas Price Bait and Switch

By Christopher Elliott

On a recent trip to Bend, Ore., I discovered that cheaper can actually mean more expensive. The scam was perpetrated by a service station selling unleaded gas that's 10 cents cheaper than the other stations along the road.

The Able Traveler: Through Redwoods on a Wheelchair-Accessible Train

By Candy Harrington

This historic Santa Cruz County railway offers a nicely accessible day excursion -- appropriate for wheelchair-users and slow walkers alike -- through the majestic California redwoods.

That's Ridiculous! What's Your Hurry?

By Christopher Elliott

Every now and then you'll see signs that say, 'What's your hurry?' which are nothing more than oblique warnings of an approaching speed trap. But after last week's road trip, I read them a little differently. What, exactly, is our hurry?

Travel Troubleshooter: Is Car Rental Insurance a Scam?

By Christopher Elliott

After declining the optional insurance on a rental car, the renter is surprised to see an extra $215 for insurance and $53 for 'roadside assistance' added to his bill.

That's Ridiculous! Is There a Car Rental Toll Conspiracy?

By Christopher Elliott

A customer pays a toll twice on a highway, once going each way in her rental car over a six day trip. However, the rental company charges her a toll for each day of rental period. How exactly does that happen?

Money Matters: Those Car Rental Tolls Can Really Add Up

By Christopher Elliott

Are electronic tolling payment services meant to help consumers, or are rental car customers just getting taken for a ride?

In Travel, Age Makes a Difference

By Christopher Elliott

Travelers under 25 are often subjected to age-related surcharges when renting cars, while senior citizens may be denied a rental due to age limits. Is this practice fair or foul?

Travel Troubleshooter: Hertz Charges $93 to Top Off My Rental

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler refills the gas tank of his rental car and is shocked to later receive a bill for refueling costs. What went wrong, and how can you protect yourself against similar situations?

Travel Troubleshooter: Why Am I Being Charged for Someone Else's Rental Damage?

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler returns her rental car and is charged for pre-existing damage. Shouldn't there be an easy way to report existing scratches, dents, and dings so no one has to pay for someone else's damage?

GPS Directions Get a Summer Upgrade

By Christopher Elliott

Improve your summer road trip experience by learning from these travelers' mistakes.

Travel Troubleshooter: A Burned-Out Clutch and a Surprise Repair Bill

By Christopher Elliott

After only a few miles, our reader's rental car stops running. Now Hertz is demanding £1,233 for a replacement clutch. Doesn't insurance cover the damage? Apparently not.

Travel Troubleshooter: Insurance Wasn't Required -- How About a Refund?

By Christopher Elliott

If a rental agent insisted that insurance is required to rent a car, would you cave in and buy it? That's what some travelers suggest is happening in tourist locations like Orlando and Las Vegas.

Travel Troubleshooter: Hey, That's Not My Chipped Windshield!

By Christopher Elliott

Can a rental company get away with charging you a month later for a damaged windshield? This traveler finds out the hard way.

That's Ridiculous! Do Taxi Drivers Prey on Tourists?

By Christopher Elliott

Have you ever gotten ripped off by a cab driver in an unfamiliar city? Here's how to avoid some common scams.

London Day Trips: Train Tips for Rail Escapes

By Christi Daugherty

You may be surprised to discover just how much of England you can explore using London as a base. The following rail planning tips will help you on your way.

That's Ridiculous! Car Rental Companies Double My Rate Because I'm Not American

By Christopher Elliott

Is it fair if a car rental company charges you more money based on your nationality?

Who's Afraid to Drive on the Left-hand Side?

By Christopher Elliott

U.S. travelers need to be especially cautious if they plan to rent a car in Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

That's Ridiculous! The Tricks They Play at the Car Rental Counter

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler feels ripped off after he proactively declines the car insurance option and then discovers that he unwittingly signed a form to accept the insurance. Did the agent deceive him on purpose?

Navigating the Bewildering New World of Car Rentals

By Christopher Elliott

As vehicles become more sophisticated, travelers who rent cars should be able to cover the basics -- such as turning on the ignition -- before leaving the lot.

Travel Troubleshooter: "Maybe I Should've Taken a Picture of My Rental"

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler is shocked when a rental-car agency comes after her with a bill for nearly $500 in damages. How can this traveler prove that she didn't dent the car?