It's that time of year when roadtrippers and weekenders alike start planning to captain their own rolling home. Look to these two companies for the best RV rentals offers that give you license to drive for any length of time that you can muster.

Cruise America (tel. 800/671-8042; has some excellent rental deals for your own camper. Whether you want to cruise the national park system, hit your favorite baseball stadium, the Kentucky Derby, or your preferred NASCAR event, Cruise America has a vehicle ready for pick-up at your disposable. A special one-way extravaganza that lets you start your trip in the city of your choice and drop it off in Mesa, Arizona is available through the summer starting from just $24 a day. You pay for the gas, but you get unlimited mileage and insurance coverage. Sounds like fun? It's yours for as long as you want to pay the $24 per day. Mesa, Arizona is close to the Grand Canyon and beautiful Sedona. Not to mention a quick ride to Tucson and Scottsdale, the golf capital of the world, or neighboring New Mexico. There are a number of $24 days allowed depending on where your drive will take you. See the chart on Cruise America's site for details.

Cruise America also has a NASCAR special good for the Phoenix International Speedway race NASCAR Nextel Races. From April 20 to 23, 2005 for a four night special a standard 5-person RV will cost you $1,545 or for a seven person upgrade the cost goes to $1,795. A two-race package deal goes for $2,845 for a standard RV with seven-person RV large RV going for $3,315. If you've ever been to the infield at a NASCAR race you know your own RV is as good as a hotel suite at a Ritz-Carlton. It's your own private party palace or sleeper car. And the view of the race is first rate with the roar of the morning engines as loud as a rooster.

El Monte RV (tel. 888/337-2214; has similar deals. Sure the company has similar NASCAR deals, but they also have great offers on pick-up where you want and drive where you want deals. One special "Spring Deal" from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Las Vegas take 50% off the daily rate for the first 20 days and give you 500 miles for free as long as you drop the RV in Vegas where the company needs it most. You need to do this fast and drop the car off by March 31, 2005. That means you can go where you want as long as you hit the drop off location and end date. The site has a full list of the large-scale motor home products as well as a search engine for drop off and pick up charges. It's all about the great outdoors with a mobile home. Just watch out for hurricanes and have fun at the RV camps. I hear Fridays get kind of wild.

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