's Top 8 Travel Insurance Providers

By Sascha Segan

The travel insurance industry is full of unclear language and companies hiding behind various names. To help you pick the best policy, we've selected eight companies we're confident are at the top of the heap.

Travel Troubleshooter: Charged an Extra $400 for a Vacation I Can't Take

By Christopher Elliott

An illness forces a traveler to cancel her trip to Costa Rica. Was the retreat center right to charge her a cancellation fee that wasn't disclosed at the time of booking?

How Safe is a Cruise? Even After New Law, It's Hard to Say

By Christopher Elliott

Murky crime statistics aboard cruise ships mean that travelers may not have access to the best safety information before planning cruise vacations.


Travel Insurance Claims Can Hinge on the Tiniest Details

By Christopher Elliott

Is travel insurance tricky for a reason? Here's how the fine print tripped up these travelers' insurance claims, and how you can avoid repeating their mistakes.

Travel Troubleshooter: Beware the Fine Print in Travel Insurance

By Christopher Elliott

Two travelers didn't buy insurance on the full cost of their Italy dream vacation. Will they lose more than $10,000 because they didn't read the fine print?

Travel Troubleshooter: Insurance Doesn't Cover My Trip Cancellation

By Christopher Elliott

Is it ever a good idea to buy flight insurance through the airline's site? This traveler learns this lesson the hard way after her vacation is canceled and rescheduled.

Costa Concordia Sinking Leaves Other Cruise-Ship Passengers Alarmed -- and Out of Luck

By Christopher Elliott

Passengers who are nervous about sailing will find that most cruise lines aren't issuing penalty-free refunds.

Best Smartphone Apps for Offline Use

By Dennis Schaal

Wi-Fi hotspots in airports and cafes may seem ubiquitous, but when you're traveling it's often tough to find a place to get online. Here are six apps that get you what you need, no matter the connection.

That's Ridiculous! Pet Travel and Owners' Responsibilities

By Christopher Elliott

When it comes to deciding whether or not to take your pet on a trip, don't fall into the trap of thinking that they're people too.

Foursquare and Twitter for Travelers: How to Stay Safe

By Chris Gray Faust

Location-based web services can be a boon for travelers, but there are steps you should take to avoid creeps and other unwanted intrusions.

London Riots: What Visitors Need to Know

By Joe Fullman

Television broadcasts show a London in flames and police out-manned. Here's what visitors should know about seeing the city.

Oslo Travel After the Attacks: Where to Go, What to See

By Roger Norum

Despite the violent attacks by a religious fundamentalist, Oslo is open to visitors and operating almost as normal as usual.

Headed to Europe This Summer? It's Going to Be a Riot

By Christopher Elliott

Given the ongoing economic problems in Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain, is it safe to travel to Europe this summer?

Travel Troubleshooter: Dead Passengers Can't Use a Flight Credit

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler's wife dies before the couple can use their plane tickets. Why won't the online travel agency or airline refund the money?

Travel Health Tips: Cell Phones on the Road and on Your Brain

By Robert Haru Fisher

Cell phones can certainly make traveling easier, but recent health reports may have you doubting the necessity of staying connected on the road. Should you be worried?

Chilean Ash Cloud Update: Volcanic Ash Threatens Patagonian Ski Season

By Christie Pashby

Travelers with plans to visit Bariloche, Argentina, may have to reschedule their upcoming ski trips -- a blanket of volcanic ash has covered the resort town.

That's Ridiculous! The "Myth" of the Unchanged Hotel Sheets

By Christopher Elliott

If you're the type of traveler who optimistically believes you'll always sink into a hotel bed with freshly laundered sheets, brace yourself for these dirty-hotel stories from readers. (Do not read while eating.)

Hotels Don't Always Change the Sheets Between Guests

By Christopher Elliott

Should there be a law that requires hotels to meet a certain level of hygiene?

5 Myths About Bedbugs & Travel

By Lisa Cheng

Experts help debunk five common myths about bedbugs, so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.

How to Avoid Bedbugs While Traveling

By Lisa Cheng

Follow these practical tips for a pest-free vacation, so you don't inadvertently bring back bedbugs as a souvenir.

Egypt Update: Post-Revolution Openings and Closings

By Mohamed el Hebeishy

What travelers need to know about visiting Egypt now that the dust of the revolution has settled.

How to Stay Safe During Spring Break Escapes

By Chris Gray Faust

Whether you're with a group of friends for college-style partying or with your kids for some family bonding, there are a few simple strategies that can keep your Spring Break safe and drama free.

Travel After a Disaster: 5 Things to Consider When Going Back

By Chris Gray Faust

Once a natural disaster happens, when can tourists think about going back? Here's how to tell the difference between helping and hurting.

Worst Travel Disasters: 6 Steps to Protect Yourself

By Chris Gray Faust

Recent catastrophes in Japan and Christchurch have demonstrated that troubles can arise no matter where you are. Here are a few guidelines to follow, should the worst happen while you're on the road

Travel Troubleshooter: No Refund for My Colorado Condo

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler cancels her condo rental about a month before her scheduled vacation. Does the vague cancellation policy leave her refund out in the cold?