The specific event described in this article has now passed, but it remains online so that the resources named will be of future use to travelers.

A few lucky souls who love both travel and writing have been learning how to combine the two, studying the secrets of travel writing in sunny Key West. For more than 15 years, our own Bob Fisher has been teaching the basics to small classes and happily reports that some of his former students have gone on to careers publishing in magazines, newspapers and books.

Whether you intend to make travel writing your full-time profession, a source for some extra income or just want to improve your blog, you should look into this course.

The subject of the Travel Writing Workshop is how to shape your writing and then market it successfully. It's organized by the Heritage House Museum & Garden, a romantic compound that includes the island's second oldest house, the Robert Frost Cottage (where the poet lived in winter), and a luscious garden with the Florida Keys' best collection of orchids.

There are two identical classes, the first runs January 26-28, 2007; the second February 2-4, 2007. Fisher presents his course in the museum gardens and the Frost Cottage, where he'll bring his updated curriculum to a maximum of 14 students in each session. The course costs $275 for two days of instruction (four hours per day on each Saturday and Sunday), an evening reception on Friday and optional tutoring and critique sessions.

There will also be optional written and oral assignments. Students are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop, not for classes, but for their homework. An outline of the course, Fisher's bio and more are available on Heritage House website.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to Key West and accommodations while there. The Heritage House website gives current recommendations for moderately priced lodging and other helpful information about this popular winter getaway spot.

Register for the course at Heritage House Museum (410 Caroline Street, Key West FL 33040; tel. 305/296-3573;; e-mail: Questions about the course can be directed to Bob at