The U.S. Dollar Continues to Soar Against Virtually Every Foreign Currency, Cutting the Cost of Rooms and Meals Abroad

By Arthur Frommer

There's an update to changes in the world currency markets, and the news is excellent for travelers considering a vacation abroad this year.

Though the Unusual Current Strength of the U.S. Dollar Is Harmful to the U.S. Economy, It Greatly Benefits the U.S. Traveler: A Moral Issue

By Arthur Frommer

Across the globe—in Central America, Asia, Europe, and beyond—a dollar goes awfully far these days.

For Americans, the Conditions for International Travel Are Better Now Than They Have Been for Years

By Arthur Frommer

From plunging airfares to a strong dollar, things couldn't get much better for Americans abroad.


Places You Can Use the U.S. Dollar Instead of Local Currency

By Juliana Shallcross

As a symbol of financial strength, the U.S. dollar is accepted in many places worldwide—both officially and unofficially. If you're going to these places, you can expect to be able to fall back on your greenbacks.

How to Keep Your Smartphone—And All the Data That’s Stored On It—Safe On the Road

By Pauline Frommer

Plus which tourist destinations are the most popular among seasoned hackers.

How to Beat the High Prices of Best Buy's Airport Kiosks

By Jason Cochran

When you learn how easy it is to slash the high prices of Best Buy's electronics vending machines at airports, you may not be afraid to use them anymore.

Using Contactless Credit Cards When You Travel

By Jason Cochran

The new twist in credit card purchases is contactless payment—how does it work, and can you use your credit card on vacation?

The Ins and Outs of Package Vacation Deals

By Pauline Frommer

When does it pay to bundle together airfare and hotel costs and when should you try other methods of saving money?

Staying Online Abroad: 5 Tips for Saving Money On Global Roaming

By Sascha Segan

Staying connected when traveling overseas can result in big bills. Check out these tips to save on data when you're using your phone in a foreign land.

That's Ridiculous! New Tipping Traps To Watch For

By Christopher Elliott

Travelers are often criticized for under-tipping, but what happens when travelers inadvertently over-tip? Beware of restaurants and businesses that include gratuities on bills 'for your convenience.'

That's Ridiculous! Exchange Rate Rip-offs & How to Avoid Them

By Christopher Elliott

Inflated fees for exchanging currency abroad may not be new, but the rise in electronic transactions means those fees may be harder to detect. Here's how to avoid costly surprises when traveling.

How to Use Public Computers Safely While Traveling

By PCMag Staff

Before you hit the Internet café on your next trip, learn what you need to do to protect your personal information.

Travel Troubleshooter: A One-Night Penalty that Sticks

By Christopher Elliott

Our reader cancels his hotel more than a day before he checks in, but the property charges a one-night penalty, anyway. Can't help him get a refund?

Travel Troubleshooter: No Refund for Derailed Train Trip

By Christopher Elliott

Does this traveler's substandard train experience warrant a full refund from Amtrak?

Travel Troubleshooter: Priceline Promised to Refund My Package

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler notices a typo on a booking, calls customer service, and gets the OK by phone to get a refund if he rebooks everything. Will trying to fix the typo end up being an expensive error?

SIM Card Basics for Travelers

By Dennis Schaal

What you need to know about using your cellphone or smartphone on the road.

That's Ridiculous! The ATM Sucked My Money Back

By Christopher Elliott

Traveling overseas often means relying on ATMs for quick cash. Unfortunately, some travelers have found that some machines will debit your account for cash that was never actually received. What's a traveler to do?

Travel Troubleshooter: Maybe the Price Guarantee Isn't All-Inclusive

By Christopher Elliott

When the price of our reader's vacation takes a nosedive, he files a claim under his online travel agency's price guarantee. The company never processes his claim. Will he ever see a refund?

Best Smart Phone Apps for Business and Frequent Travelers

By Sean O'Neill

Fly through our top picks for the most useful and reliable apps -- and get where you need to go faster.

Travel Troubleshooter: Who's Gonna Pay These Overdraft Fees?

By Christopher Elliott

When a traveler is charged twice for a hotel room, he also incurs a $35 overdraft fee. Should the hotel pay for the mistake?

Travel Troubleshooter: A Reservation and a Charge -- But No Room

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler arrives at a hotel only to find out that his reservation is missing. Later, he's charged for the phantom room. How can he get his money back?

Are Travelers Frill-Seekers? No, But Here's What They Really Want

By Christopher Elliott

A recent study shows that most travelers look for value when booking a trip. Here's a look at what the travel industry could do to make everyone's vacations just a little better.

Travel Troubleshooter: Help! They Upgraded My Hotel Bill

By Christopher Elliott

A traveler is moved to another hotel in Spain, which triples the cost of his original reservation. Who should reimburse the extra fees: the hotel, travel agent, or reservations company?

Money Matters: 5 Credit Card Tips for the World Traveler

By Zach Honig

Credit card acceptance continues to rise in almost every corner of the globe, but with many cards, that convenience can come at a cost. Here are five ways to be smarter about using your credit card overseas.

Travel Complaints That Fail: 5 Kinds of E-mails You Should Never Write

By Christopher Elliott

There are successful ways to complain, and then there are the things you should never say to a travel company. Here are 5 tips on what not to do.