For those who have serious hobbies that require a certain kind of weather condition, travel -- along with that whole flipping of the seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres -- makes it possible. If you're a golfer in the winter you head for warmer climes in the United States and if you're a skier here in the States you head even further south. This week's smart deal is perfect for skiers in North America who can't bear the thought of summer: Skiing in Chile from $866, including airfare and four nights, through Expedia (tel. 800/EXPEDIA;

The cost covers flights and four nights and the lowest advertised price is based on departures from Philadelphia via LAN Airlines; Washington, D.C., is priced from $877, Chicago from $916 and San Francisco from $957, among others. In terms of accommodations, you're guaranteed a three-star hotel or better, and taxes and fees are included. The prices are also based on Thursday-Tuesday travel, for June 1-30 or other select dates in early August through December. Tickets must be booked seven days in advance.

The flights lands in Santiago and you'll take advantage of peak ski season in South America. From Santiago, you are close to many resorts, including Valle Nevado, high in the Andes Mountains, and Portillo, which is the oldest skiing area in South America. Portillo is situated around the Inca Lake and has extensive snowboarding opportunities.

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