In the past, we've written about Untours (tel. 888/868-6871;, a company that donates much of its profits toward nonprofit efforts aimed at -- simply speaking -- making the world a better place for everyone. Untours makes apartments, small homes and other residences available for rent in Europe but once you're in your destination, you're not stranded. Your two-week vacation comes with local experts to assist you, combining the best of independent travel with the friendly insight of someone who knows the turf well.

Right now, Untours is offering a spring sampler sale, which enables you to spend part of your time in one place in Europe, and the rest in another location. Many of these tour prices also bundle airfare into the equation, but all of them include ground transportation (car rental, bus passes, trains, etc., depending on the itinerary), transfers between Untours, transfer assistance upon arrival, an orientation session with the onsite staff, the company's own guidebook for your destination, and an onsite activity during either one or both of your weeks away.

Let's say you want to spend two weeks in Greece. Right now you can save up to $400 per person, airfare included, for departures March 12 and 26 for a trip to Nafplio, a harbor town. It's priced from $1,529 per person. Or right now, tulip season in Holland is ready for you, with savings of up to $300 per person, airfare included. The March 26 departure, during tulip season, is priced from $2,219 and there's currently one apartment left for rental.

The rest of Europe is up for grabs, too. Vienna and Salzburg are also paired for a sampler, with a savings of up to $300 per person, ground only, priced at $1,879 for all available dates in the spring; departures are planned for April 30 and May 7, 14, 21, and 28. If Switzerland interests you, the Switzerland Heartland/Switzerland Ticino trip is on sale for a savings of up to $300 per person, priced from $2, 099 per person, with airfare included. Available travel dates include April 30, May 7, 14 and 21.

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