Heard the One About Jacksonville? You Will.

By David Landsel

Florida's most overlooked city is changing fast. Is it time for this growing Atlantic Coast town to take its place on the tourist maps?

Been to Birmingham Lately? You're In for a Surprise

By David Landsel

Alabama's biggest city is one of the Deep South's most interesting destinations right now.

Bite-Sized Volunteer Vacations

By Pauline Frommer

How to Do Good on Vacations That Aren't Only Devoted to "Voluntourism"


The Election of Trump Could Curtail Our Right to Travel to Cuba

By Arthur Frommer

Arthur Frommer's rallying cry: don't let a President Trump take away our rights, as citizens, to travel where we wish during peacetime.

Lincoln and Wilson in Washington, D.C.: 2 Presidential Homes Beyond the White House

By Pauline Frommer

You don't have to take a White House tour to walk in the footsteps of a U.S. President. The homes of two of America's most complex, important Presidents are open to visitors -- and much easier to get into.

How to Find the Right Travel Agent for You

By Pauline Frommer

We have a few tips.

Walking The Bible: A Journey Through Israel, Egypt, and the Land of the Old Testament

By Ross Walker

Arthur and Pauline Frommer sit down with Bruce Feiler, Author of the new book Walking the Bible: A Journey by Land Through the Five Books of Moses.

How Tourists Can Buy Marijuana in Colorado

By Jason Cochran

Hey, it's perfectly legal! Unlike California or other states with partial legalization of pot and cannabis products, Colorado doesn't require a medical reason to purchase it—tourists can partake as well. But it's not as easy as a McDonald's drive-through, and there are still rules. Here's what you need to know to buy a high:

The Able Traveler: Factory Tours for Everyone

By Candy Harrington

In these days of rising prices and shrinking budgets, factory tours are still are a great travel value. Besides being easy on the wallet, they're also very educational. As an added bonus, you can even sample the finished products on some factory tours.

The Able Traveler: Wheelchair-Accessible Ballooning and Wine Tasting in Northern California

By Candy Harrington

Clever design makes ballooning -- a once off-limits activity -- available to wheelchair travelers and slow walkers. After you land, fill your day with a picnic and wine tasting in Sonoma County.

Montreal Getaway: Exploring the City Year-Round

By Cate Latting

An escape to Montreal has much to recommend it: world class shopping, top-of-the-line restaurants, affordable hotels, and sights to rival those on the far side of the Atlantic.

6 Ways to Deal With Pushy Street Vendors

By Chris Gray Faust

Aggressive vendors at street markets and bazaars can overwhelm you with all sorts of unwanted attention and schemes. Here is how to deal with street vendors who use overaggressive sales tactics.

Tokyo Ramen Joints: 6 Top Spots for Noodles

By Matt Alt

Tokyo's innumerable, ever-changing ramen shops have transformed this humble noodle dish of Chinese origins into a local culinary star.

Guide to Italian Street Names: Saints, Wars & Dreamers

By Donald Strachan

Those street names that keep popping up everywhere you go in Italy have to mean something. Discover the stories behind a dozen of the most popular ones.

Travel Safety: The Economic Situation in Greece

By Sherry Marker

What will Greece's ongoing financial woes mean for travelers? Follow these tips for safe and easy travel during Greece's economic troubles, including how to prepare yourself for any transit-related strikes.

The New Empire State Building: Faster, Leaner, and Better

By Kathleen Warnock

A half-a-billion dollar upgrade has improved New York's iconic tower for visitors and tenants alike.

Tap Expat Knowledge for a Better Family Trip

By Sascha Segan

Getting to know the locals can be tough if you don't speak the language. When all else fails, reaching out to the expat community can make you and your family feel a little bit more at home.

Travel Tips: How to Overcome the Language Barrier

By Chris Gray Faust

A bit rusty on your multilingual skills? Follow these practical travel tips for destinations when you don't speak the language.

10 Royal Wedding Celebrations You Can Actually Get Into

By Christi Daugherty

Want to celebrate Will and Kate's big day outside of your living room? People all over the UK are coming up with inventive, sweet, or downright odd ways of experiencing the wedding day.

The 5 Best Dinosaur-Hunting Sites in the UK

By Rhonda Carrier

On the occasion of London's Natural History Museum opening its summer blockbuster exhibition 'Age of the Dinosaur,' we dig deep for the best places to spot dinosaur remains around the UK.

The Royal Wedding: What to See and Do

By The Frommer's Staff

London's forthcoming regal nuptials will impact your trip to London this year whether you're a royal watcher or not. Here's how to have fun while staying ahead of the pack.

Four Nights in Paris, from $1,097 with Air

By Carrie Havranek

Jet off to Paris this spring with this four-night package, which includes airfare, lodging, and a city sightseeing tour.

How to Avoid Being Pickpocketed

By Sean O'Neill

Keep an eye out for these five common scenarios that could make you an easy target for pickpockets.

11 Sightseeing Tips From Top D.C. Hotels: Concierge Confessions

By Jacquelin Carnegie

Get insider advice about the best restaurants, bookstores, gardens, and outdoor activities in the nation's capital.

10 Reasons to Visit New York City This Holiday Season

By David Landsel

The weather outside may be frightful, but New York City rarely looks better than it does during the holiday season.