Though boutiques throughout Paris might seem uniformly expensive, there are a few discount-packed streets where those in the know go to stock their wardrobes and apartments with clothes and knickknacks at significantly reduced prices.

On the rue d'Alésia (14th arrond.; Métro: Alésia), for example, everywhere you look, you'll see signs for stock and de-stock, which is the French way of saying overstock or outlet stores. Many feature designer overstock, including:

  • SR store (64 rue de Alésia, 14th arrond.; tel. 01 43 95 06 13; Métro: Alésia, also at 110-112 rue d'Alésia; tel. 01 45 43 80 86). That's SR as in Sonia Rykiel -- deep discounts bring these pricey items out of the stratosphere and closer to Earth.
  • Cacharel Boutique Outlet (114 rue d'Alésia, 14th arrond.; tel. 01 45 42 53 04; Métro: Alésia). A voluminous selection of last season's offerings at significant reductions -- men's shirts start at €39, women's dresses start around €90.
  • Stock Jeans Ober (111 bis rue Alesia, 14th arrond.; tel. 01 45 41 21 10; Métro: Alésia). This closet-size store is stuffed with a wide range of body-hugging jeans and pants by the one and only French jeans label, Ober. You'll pay half what you would pay at Printemps (jeans here start at €49); a great pair of jeans with a matching jacket can be had for fewer than €100.

Another great street for bargain hunters is just around the corner from the Bon Marché department store: rue St-Placide (6th arrond). Here you'll find great discounts on women's apparel, children's clothes, and linens, as well as some of the less expensive chain stores. The obligatory stop here is Mouton à Cinq Pattes (8 and 18 rue St-Placide, 6th arrond.; tel. 01 45 48 86 26; {Caution: Somewhat racy website for those of you reading from work}; Métro: St-Placide or Sèvres-Babylone). Sift through the packed racks of designer markdowns and you just might find Moschino slacks or a Gaultier dress at a fabulous price. If you do, grab it fast -- it might not be there tomorrow. These are some of the best designer discounts in town, but you really have to look. The store at No. 8 is women's apparel only; No. 18 serves both sexes, as does their other equally overstuffed store at 138 blvd. St-Germain also in the 6th arrondissement.

Also, look out for Caroll Stock (30 and 51 rue St-Placide, 6th arrond.; tel. 01 45 48 83 66;; Métro: Sèvres-Babylone or St-Placide), which is the outlet shop for the elegant Caroll brand.

And don't forget rue de la Chausée d'Antin (9th arrond.), which bisects the Galeries Lafayette department store. Laden with small shops and good prices, this street excels at moderately priced shoe stores, such as La Chausseria (39 rue de la Chausée d'Antin, 9th arrond.; tel. 01 48 74 90 28; Métro: Chaussée d'Antin-La Fayette). An excellent array of real leather shoes and boots at affordable prices. There are three other locations: 68 rue de Passy, 16th arrond.; 13 rue du Vieux Colombier, 6th arrond.; and 20 rue de Buci, 6th arrond.

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